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Per Ståle Grude


Fonna ski resorts
Fonna ski resorts
6CGM+J6 Jondal, Norway

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Jun 29 2024 - Jul 03 2024


08:00 - 18:00


Telemark Festival

Fonna Telemark camp 2024

January 2024 – The Fonna Telemark Camp, an annual tradition for telemark skiing enthusiasts, is set to return in 2024 with its unique blend of community spirit, skiing excellence, and picturesque landscapes. Organized by the renowned telemark promoter Per Ståle Grude, this event is more than just a gathering; it’s a celebration of the telemark skiing culture at the stunning Fonna Glacier Ski Resort.

Per Ståle Grude: The Heart of Fonna Telemark Camp

Per Ståle Grude, a prominent figure in the world of telemark skiing, has been at the forefront of promoting this unique skiing style since 1981. As the founder of the Fonna Telemark Camp, Grude brings his passion and expertise to this event, ensuring a rich and engaging experience for all participants. His dedication to the sport is evident in the camp’s growing popularity and the increasing number of participants each year​​​​.

What to Expect at Fonna Camp 2024

The Fonna Telemark Camp 2024 promises an exciting array of activities suitable for both beginners and advanced skiers. The camp is known for its diverse program, which includes traditional jibbing courses, guided sunset tours, and innovative lurk skiing techniques – a unique approach discovered and promoted by Grude himself. Participants can look forward to workshops tailored to different skill levels, ensuring everyone has a chance to improve and enjoy​​​​​​.

A Community-Driven Experience

At the heart of the Fonna Telemark Camp is the community. The event’s philosophy revolves around participants contributing to and coloring the experience. This approach creates a vibrant atmosphere where everyone, from professional skiers to novices, can share their love for the sport. It’s not just about skiing; it’s about building relationships and fostering a sense of belonging among telemark enthusiasts.

A Venue Like No Other

The Fonna Glacier Ski Resort offers an unparalleled backdrop for the Telemark Camp. Known for its excellent conditions and breathtaking scenery, the resort is a perfect match for an event that celebrates the beauty and challenge of telemark skiing. It’s a place where participants can push their limits during the day and relax in a communal setting in the evenings, truly making the most of the telemark skiing experience.

Looking Ahead

The Fonna Telemark Camp 2024 is more than just an event; it’s a testament to the enduring appeal of telemark skiing. Under the guidance of Per Ståle Grude, the camp continues to evolve, bringing new elements to the experience while staying true to the spirit of the sport. As the 2024 edition approaches, the excitement within the telemark community is palpable, promising another successful and memorable gathering at one of Norway’s most iconic skiing locations.

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