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Hochkar Bergbahnen
Hochkar Bergbahnen
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Mar 02 2024


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Ostalpen Telemark Tag 2024

Embracing the Telemark Tradition in Austria

Austria’s telemark skiing community is gearing up for a day of alpine excitement with the Ostalpen Telemark Tag 2024. Set against the picturesque backdrop of Hochkar, the event on March 2nd, 2024, is poised to be a celebration of freeheel skiing. Telemark Austria, a club dedicated to promoting this unique skiing style in Austria, is at the heart of organizing this event, showing their commitment to fostering the sport’s growth and enjoyment throughout the region.

A Festive Finale to the Ski Season

The Ostalpen Telemark Tag, also dubbed the Crazy/Lazy Tele Days, marks the culmination of the telemark season. Participants will delight in the graceful turns of telemark skiing on both groomed pistes and open terrain. The event is a perfect opportunity for beginners and seasoned skiers alike to enjoy the slopes, with test materials and introductory courses starting from 10 am at the Telemark-Austria tent by the Hochkarbahn valley station.

Joining Forces for the Telemark Experience

In cooperation with the regional ski association and Alpenverein Austria, Telemark Austria highlights the sense of community and shared passion for the sport. It’s an ideal setting for those new to the season to solidify their skills and for the community to enjoy the experience together.

Telemark Austria: Fostering a Community Around Freeheel Skiing

Telemark Austria plays a pivotal role in the Telemark community, not only by organizing events like the Ostalpen Telemark Tag but also by offering a platform for enthusiasts to learn and improve their skills, whether they are beginners, advanced, or even instructors. The club’s support and promotion of the sport are instrumental in maintaining and growing the Telemark skiing tradition in Austria.

For more details about the event and Telemark Austria, you can visit the official pages for Telemark Austria.

Preserving Telemark Skiing for Future Generations

Telemark Austria is not only about celebrating the present joys of Telemark skiing; it’s also about preserving this rich tradition for future generations. By engaging a diverse group of participants, from the young enthusiasts to the experienced veterans, the Ostalpen Telemark Tag reinforces the heritage of the sport. Events like this ensure that the elegance and technical prowess of Telemark skiing continue to thrive and evolve, keeping the freeheel spirit alive in the heart of the Alps. This commitment by Telemark Austria ensures that the legacy of the sport is passed on, securing its place in Austria’s vibrant outdoor culture.

For further insights into Telemark Austria and its initiatives, or to get involved, you can reach out through their website and be part of a passionate community that cherishes and upholds the traditions of Telemark skiing​​.

The event is finished.

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