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The Thrill of Telemark Skiing: Kjeringi Open 2024 Announced


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Apr 20 2024


08:00 - 18:00


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Kjeringi Open 2024

The Thrill of Telemark Skiing: Kjeringi Open 2024 Announced

Get ready for a blend of tradition and endurance at the Kjeringi Open 2024, set to take place on April 20th in the stunning municipality of Leikanger, Norway. This event is a must-attend for telemark skiing aficionados and outdoor sports enthusiasts who enjoy a diverse challenge.

From Mountain Peaks to Fjord Valleys

The Kjeringi Open is not just any race; it’s a multi-sport journey from the mountain to the fjord. Participants will start at the Kjeringafjellet and make their way down to the Hanehaug kai, competing in four thrilling stages: telemark/randonee, cross-country skiing, running, and mountain biking.

Kjeringi Open get ready for a blend of tradition and endurance at the Kjeringi Open 2024, on April 20th of Leikanger, Norway.

A Test of Skill and Stamina

This unique competition allows athletes to either participate in teams or take on the entire course solo. It’s a test of both individual prowess and team strategy, as competitors navigate through the various segments, showcasing their skills and endurance.

Celebrate Telemark Skiing Culture

The Kjeringi  is not just a race; it’s a celebration of telemark skiing culture. Participants often don traditional attire, adding a colorful and historical dimension to the event.

Reflection on Past Glories

In previous years, the Kjeringi has seen a remarkable display of athleticism and community spirit. The festival atmosphere, the cheer of the crowds, and the spectacular scenery of previous events have made it a beloved tradition in the telemark skiing calendar.

For more details on registration and event specifics, please keep an eye on the official Kjeringi Open website https://kjeringiopen.no/, which we hope will be accessible soon.

Embark on the Kjeringi Challenge

Participants and spectators alike are invited to take part in this extraordinary event. Whether you’re aiming to set a new personal best or simply wish to enjoy the camaraderie and the stunning landscapes, Kjeringi  offers something for everyone. With a course that spans the rugged beauty of Norway’s mountains down to the serene fjord, this race is an unmissable event for the adventurous soul.

Engage in Friendly Competition

Kjeringi Open prides itself on fostering a sense of community and friendly competition. Skiers from various backgrounds and skill levels come together, sharing the thrill of the race and the joy of telemark skiing. This event is as much about competing as it is about making new friends and reconnecting with old ones in the great outdoors.

An Event for All Ages

The Kjeringi Open warmly welcomes families and individuals of all ages. It’s a perfect opportunity to introduce the younger generation to the joys of outdoor sports and the rich tradition of telemark skiing. The event is designed to be inclusive, ensuring that everyone, from seasoned athletes to first-time skiers, can find their place at Kjeringi Open.

Join the Festivities

As we anticipate the Kjeringi Open 2024, we encourage everyone to keep the tradition alive by joining us in Leikanger. Share in the excitement, embrace the challenge, and become a part of the living history of telemark skiing.

For the latest updates and information, be sure to follow the event’s social media pages and bookmark the official website. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements, and prepare to experience the adventure of a lifetime at the Kjeringi Open 2024.

The event is finished.

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