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Mar 16 2024


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La Varnavø 2024 Telemark Skiing Adventure

The storied slopes of Massif de la Serra

are poised to come alive with the return of the beloved La Varnavø event. Organized by the esteemed Jura Télémark, this event invites skiing enthusiasts to partake in a day filled with exhilarating races and convivial festivities. Scheduled for March 16, 2024, La Varnavø is more than just a sporting event; it’s a tribute to the enduring legacy and joy of Telemark skiing.

The event is renowned for its challenging yet enjoyable race, which beckons skiers of all levels to test their prowess against the pristine backdrop of the Jura mountains. The day’s agenda is meticulously planned to ensure a seamless experience for all participants:Jura Telemark La varnavo

  • Bib Pick-Up: Start your day at 9:30 am by collecting your race number, the ticket to your alpine adventure.
  • Race Briefing: At 10:00 am, gather insights on the course and race rules to prepare for the competition.
  • The Race: At 11:00 am, take to the slopes and let the spirit of competition fuel your descent.
  • Gundersen: At 2:00 pm, engage in the Gundersen method, where your start time is determined by your previous performance, adding a strategic edge to the race.
  • Awards Ceremony and Festivities: Conclude the day with the award ceremony at 6:00 pm, where champions are honored and the day’s excitement is celebrated.

The La Varnavø event

is an exhibition of skill and camaraderie, set against the dramatic and snow-clad canvas of La Serra. It is a perfect symphony of tradition and festivity, where the slopes whisper tales of past legends to those carving fresh paths on its surface.

With the event’s tagline, “Tout le plaisir est dans la pente” (“All the pleasure is in the slope”), it encapsulates the essence of Telemark skiing—a sport where every turn and mogul brings joy to those who dare to ride. Whether you’re a seasoned Telemark skier or new to the slopes, La Varnavø is an experience that promises to leave an indelible mark on your heart and skiing soul.

Mark your calendars for this exceptional event

and become part of the living legacy of La Varnavø. Remember, in the world of Telemark, all the pleasure truly is in the slope. Join us for an unforgettable alpine experience where the mountains beckon, and the spirit of skiing unites us all.

Reflecting on the previous edition of La Varnavø, the passion for Telemark skiing was vividly reignited as Jura Télémark orchestrated the 26th edition of this esteemed event. The gathering attracted a significant number of participants—150 in total—highlighting a shift in the sporting community towards events that not only challenge the competitors but also emphasize enjoyment and camaraderie. This resurgence after a break exemplifies the enduring appeal of La Varnavø, a testament to the vibrant community spirit and the evolving preference for more dynamic, engaging sporting experiences.

The event is finished.

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