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Monte Avena
32034, Pedavena BL, Italy

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Feb 24 - 25 2024


08:00 - 18:00


Telemark Festival

La Scalcagnada 2024

A Winter Adventure Awaits at Monte Avena

Monte Avena warmly welcomes you to La Scalcagnada, the unique winter celebration, on February 24th and 25th, 2024. The Dai che ‘ndon Telemark Club organizes this lively event. It brings telemark skiing lovers from across the world together.

Dress Up and Ski in Style

At La Scalcagnada, we encourage everyone to wear rustic, folkloric, or extravagant clothing. This tradition adds a colorful and traditional touch to Monte Avena’s snowy slopes. Imagine skiers in vibrant outfits, bringing joy and laughter to the hills.

La Scalcagnada

Photo DAI CHE ‘NDON – Gruppo Telemark

Discover the PAZZAGOLO Trophy’s Secret

The PAZZAGOLO trophy stands as a highlight of the event. Its award criteria remain a delightful mystery, even to us, the organizers. This mystery makes winning the trophy an unexpected and prestigious honor.

La Scalcagnada Telemark Skiing for Everyone

La Scalcagnada has become a global hub for telemark ski lovers. We offer free equipment and lessons, making it perfect for beginners and experts. Here, everyone can enjoy the art of telemark skiing.

Fun Activities All Weekend

The 2024 event promises varied and spontaneous activities for all. From Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon, excitement and fun fill the air. However, this year we won’t host the PIN RACE, our telemark and carpentry challenge.

A Playful Rule to Follow

We have one quirky rule at La Scalcagnada: no Pokemon, Digimon, and Gormiti. This rule adds a unique twist to our event’s already vibrant atmosphere.

Join Us for a Memorable Weekend La Scalcagnada

Monte Avena invites you to La Scalcagnada for an unforgettable weekend of telemark skiing and fun. Dress up and join us for this exceptional celebration. Register now and get ready for an adventure like no other!

DAI CHE ‘NDON – Gruppo Telemark, accessible at www.daichendon.it, is an enthusiastic community dedicated to the promotion and enjoyment of telemark skiing. This group, known for its passion and commitment to this traditional form of skiing, brings together aficionados and beginners alike. They organize events, provide training, and foster a vibrant telemark culture. Their website serves as a hub for information, updates, and resources, making it an invaluable asset for anyone keen on delving into the world of telemark skiing. It’s a space where members can share experiences, learn about upcoming events like the celebrated La Scalcagnada, and connect with a like-minded community of ski enthusiasts.

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