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Jan 20 - 22 2024


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Swabian Telemark Championships 2024

The much-awaited Swabian Telemark Championships are set to bring their unique blend of athletic prowess and grace to the Arlberg region on January 21, 2024. This event promises not only a competitive race but also comprehensive training sessions for all participants, from jumps to looms, enriching the Telemark skiing experience for everyone involved.

Training and Racing: A Dynamic Duo

Prior to the main event, participants have the opportunity to join specialized training sessions. These sessions are designed to enhance skills with jumps and looms, ensuring that every racer is in top form for the championship. Organizers are enthusiastic about building a more challenging and exciting loom, with the number and ambition of the features directly influenced by the number of athletes participating. Post-race training is also available upon request, offering continued improvement opportunities for all skill levels.

Participation and Ambition

The organizers extend an open invitation to all athletes interested in joining the training, racing, or both. The level of participation directly impacts the scale and ambition of the event, with a promise to build a more exhilarating course as more racers join the fray. Athletes are encouraged to express their interest and training needs well in advance, allowing organizers to tailor the experience to the participants’ desires and skill levels.

A Race Aligned with BregenzerTeleWald

This year’s Swabian Telemark Championships are held in conjunction with the BregenzerTeleWald event, creating a vibrant and diverse skiing atmosphere. Participants can enjoy a plethora of activities beyond the race itself. The BregenzerTeleWald offers specialized courses for children, ensuring that the next generation of Telemark skiers gets a solid and enjoyable introduction to the sport. For those seeking an adrenaline rush, freeride groups are available, guiding skiers through the powdery off-piste terrain of Arlberg.

Swabian Telemark

Extending Your Skiing Credentials

In addition to the recreational and competitive aspects, the event also serves as an opportunity for German ski instructors to extend their DSV license. A variety of courses with different focuses will be available, allowing instructors to refine their skills, learn new techniques, and enhance their teaching repertoire.

The Swabian Telemark Championships at Arlberg are more than just a race; they’re a celebration of the freeheel spirit, offering a comprehensive and enriching experience for racers, instructors, and children alike. With the promise of thrilling courses, expert training, and a sense of community, this event is a must-attend for anyone passionate about Telemark skiing. So mark your calendars, express your interest, and prepare for an unforgettable day of competition and camaraderie in the snow!

Swabian Telemark

The event is finished.

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