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Tirza Ski Museum


Slēpju muzejs
Slēpju muzejs
Tirza, Tirza Parish, Gulbene Municipality, LV-4424, Latvia

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Feb 11 2024


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Tīrza Wooden Ski Festival

Tīrza Festival Launch: A Retro Skiing Adventure

This February, the serene snowscapes of Latvia will come alive with the spirit of yesteryears, as the Tīrza Ski Museum hosts the IX Wooden Ski Festival, offering an extraordinary two-day event that promises to transport participants and spectators alike to the charm of the 1930s winter sports.

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Tīrza Hike and Evening Revelry

The event kicks off on Saturday, February 10th, 2024, at 11:15 am with the much-anticipated “Pohod na derevjnih lizhah” (Hike on Wooden Skis), where attendees are encouraged to don apparel from the 1930s, adding an authentic touch to the retro ski experience. As the day winds down, participants will have the opportunity to indulge in a hearty meal complemented by the lively tunes of the ensemble “Kandahar,” ensuring a blend of athletic vigor and cultural enjoyment.

Tīrza Heritage: Telemark on Vintage Skis

The nostalgic journey continues on Sunday, February 11th, with the “TTT (Tīrsas trahkais telemarks)” or “Tīrza Wild Telemark,” beginning at 11:15 am. This day is dedicated to the Telemark style on vintage skis, inviting enthusiasts to showcase their skills on the slopes with equipment that harkens back to the early days of the sport. Following the morning’s athletic exhibitions, the event will conclude with a communal meal and a photo session for participants to capture and cherish the memories made over the weekend.

Tīrza Ski Festival Finale: Celebration and Memory Making

This annual festival not only celebrates the heritage of winter sports but also serves as a reminder of the enduring allure of traditional skiing techniques. The Tīrza Ski Museum has extended an open invitation via their Facebook page, where additional operational information can be found.

Tīrza Culture: A Community Event

Organized by the Tīrza Ski Museum in collaboration with the Tīrza Wooden Ski Enthusiasts, the Norwegian Telemark Skiing Brotherhood, and the Tīrza Ancient Skiing Society, the IX Wooden Ski Festival is set to be a unique and memorable event for all involved.

Tīrza Memories: A Call to Join

For more details, registration, and a peek into the museum’s offerings, interested parties are directed to visit the official website at www.slepjumuzejs.lv.

Join in the festivities to relive the golden era of skiing, embrace the rustic beauty of Latvia in winter, and create new memories while paying homage to the old. Whether you’re a skier, history buff, or simply looking for a distinctive winter experience, the IX Wooden Ski Festival at Tīrza is the event of the season not to be missed.

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